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Meet Eloise

Eloise Gomez Reyes is a fighter who will put Inland Empire families first. She's a parent, community leader, and attorney who solves problems, not a career politician. From working the fields as an onion topper at the age of 12 to becoming one of the first Latinas to open her own law office in the Inland Empire, Eloise has always worked hard and put local families and small businesses first.

She has taken on big corporations and fought for working class families right here. Eloise is ready to go to Congress to stand up for families and work to get the results we need from Washington ... now. Read More.

Latest Updates

Apr10, 2014
Sign the Petition! -- for a progressive budgetWorking families in the Inland Empire know how to budget. We make taking care of our parents and grandparents and educating our ...Read More
Apr10, 2014
Eloise Gomez Reyes Statement on Ryan Budget Passage In The House(Colton, CA) – Today, Eloise Gomez Reyes, candidate for Congress in California’s 31st Congressional District slammed passage of the Ryan Budget proposal ...Read More
Apr9, 2014
Gomez Reyes First to Begin Direct Mail CampaignFirst Pieces Highlight Journey from Onion Fields to Successful Small Businesswoman and Community Leader (Colton, CA) – Eloise Gomez Reyes became the ...Read More

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